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Airplanes Utilizing Solar Technology!

Solar technology continues to evolve and new applications for it are being created along with the evolution. One of the main goals to fight climate change is making everything in our lives run on renewable energy. Recently, scientists and innovators are applying solar technology to aircrafts. In 2021, “[The] solar impulse aircraft circumnavigated the globe…” and this airplane was created with solar panels on the wings to power it. Technology like this is revolutionary and in fact it , “…is currently being converted into an unmanned aircraft for US start up, Sky Dweller Aero…” An unmanned, solar aircraft is innovative for the future of air travel and aerospace in general. Imagine being able to fly in a solar airplane that didn’t need to rely on a pilot as they would be flown by AI and powered by solar. Innovations like these are important pushes forward as, “…it demonstrates that solar power has the capacity to meet many of our future energy needs as we search for clean alternatives that won’t cost the earth[‘s] [climate]”. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable resources that can help us heal our earth while revolutionizing our society. Additionally, the fact that these kinds of technologies are already being converted for use outside of the prototypes and experiments means we are making great strides for the greener earth we so desperately need. Solar airplanes seem impractical now, but it’ll be a vital change of fuel when we inevitably run out of resources. 

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