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Just met with Dan Landry from Phoenix Exteriors. He approached me while I was outside and was not pushy at all. He requested and was granted permission to inspect my roof for hail damage. He took pictures of what he found, and was honest enough to tell me there wasn’t really enough damage to warrant filing a claim. He said he would if I wanted, and left it up to me. He was not pushy nor did he try to convince me I had to get my roof repaired. We agreed that i would keep his information and he would get first opportunity after the next hail storm. That’s how i like to do business!!
Bob Fagust
Bob F.
20:04 18 Sep 19
we had or roof replaced by Phoenix Exteriors 10 years ago and they did a great job -very professional - recently we experienced a severe hail storm in our area so without hesitation we called Phoenix Exteriors to inspect our roof - Eric came out - inspected our roof and found we only had minor damage to a few tiles which he came back and replaced - he also took the time to inspect our chimney stack and saw that we had some rotted timber that should be replaced and brought this to our attention - he also took the time to check our attic space and noticed we had a ventilation problem that we were unaware of and informed us on how to remedy the problem - it is so refreshing to have someone you can rely on and trust and go above and beyond what is required in this day and age - without hesitation we would recommend Phoenix Exteriors 100% - thank you
david jakubik
david J.
15:39 15 Jul 19
We had a great experience with our energy consultant Nathan Hembree! He was always available to answer all of our questions and made sure that we understood how all of this works. Looking forward to installation time!
VoVa C
VoVa C
17:45 06 Jul 19
If your looking for someone to check out your roof Phoenix Exteriors is the company to choose! I did my research before choosing them and they have the nicest of people there. Ryan was able to help me out and he was very professional!
03:18 06 Jul 19
I’m a realtor of many years and having a roofing guy is always a plus! I was able to get a few of my clients free inspections to see how bad their roof was, and.... Ryan was very knowledgable and honest. He told me right away what what the issue was and helped me. Thank you!
Jason Janowiak
Jason J.
03:02 06 Jul 19
Best roofing company out there. Delt with my fair share of roofers. My cousins a roofer and even he was impressed. Talk to ryan and if you ever need help with something hes your guy!
Baby Driver
Baby D.
02:41 06 Jul 19
Phoenix exteriors was able to help me out in a time of need. I had a missing shingle and was having money issues. Ryan was able to help me replace it at no cost and I couldnt be happier. Thanks so much guys! Definitely recommend them!
01:40 06 Jul 19
Not only did they give me a free inspection, they acted like a friend instead of a salesman. I was told by another roofing company that I needed a full replacement and quoted me some outrageous number. Ryan from phoenix came over and let me know my roof wasn't in bad shape and still had plenty of life left. Appreciate honesty!
Alan LaVeau
Alan L.
01:20 06 Jul 19
We just signed contract with Phoenix Exterior to install Solar Panels. We are very pleased with Nathan Hembree. He helped us understand the process of solar panel installation very well. We recommend him and this company to everybody we know who is interested in eco solar energy.
Niraj Amin
Niraj A.
21:20 05 Jul 19
Ryan did a free roof inspection for us because we had a leak coming into our kitchen. He was able to let us know that the roof was still in good shape and had some life left in it. Its nice knowing that not all sales people are out to get you.
Christy Porter
Christy P.
20:22 05 Jul 19
So far, my experience with JaMauris has been quite pleasant. Such a nice and knowledgeable guy. JaMauris has been very diligent about working with my insurance company trying to get my roof replaced. I appreciate all his effort and highly recommend Phoenix/JaMauris.
18:15 05 Jul 19
Recently encountered a “Door Knocker” named JaMauris from Phoenix Exteriors. I’ve had bad experiences previously with solicitors, but this young man totally changed my outlook!! By the end of our meeting I had nothing but great advice given to me, and received a thorough inspection of my entire home and roof! This young man exceeded my expectations and definitely will be getting my services in the future!!
Marchell Redmond
Marchell R.
16:40 05 Jul 19
I was going for solar panel but decided to just do the roof instead. They explained everything to me and did not even hold it against me. They are still helping me with my roof as well as working with insurance company. I will take them anytime.
Grace Manaligod
Grace M.
15:58 05 Jul 19
We met Nathan Hembree at an event when we had just signed a contract for solar panels on our roof. We decided to give Phoenix Exteriors a chance to earn our business and put a hold on our current agreement with the other company. After putting Nathan through the grinder and questioning every aspect of the proposal, we confidently gave our business to Phoenix Exteriors. Nathan’s knowledge, patience and flexibility sold us. We also feel comfortable knowing we’re working with a reputable roofing company. Can’t wait for our solar panels installation.
Khemarey Khoeun
Khemarey K.
15:03 05 Jul 19
Phoenix is the best ! Straight up sales reps! Who know their stuff!! And they especially know how to take care of their customers!!!Thank you Igor, always a pleasure working with you!
Ivan Strcic
Ivan S.
12:05 05 Jul 19
When i’m looking to pay for any product or service that I don’t know about I want to work with someone who feels trustworthy. We met with a guy called Igor at this company and he was great. Straight forward, very frank, didn’t oversell anything, no BS. He’s been great to work with, has followed up on everything he promised he would. I would defo recommend 👍🏼
Alisdair Martin
Alisdair M.
03:51 05 Jul 19
A young man named JaMauris came and give me information about roof repairs because of the recent storms. He was very knowledgeable and nice. We just had some work done and if something comes up, I will call him back.
Monica Redmond
Monica R.
18:38 04 Jul 19
Wonderful Experience. JaMaris Johnson was very professional and very helpful. He was present when statefarm came out to look at our damage which put us at ease. JaMaris helped the adjuster find damage she missed. Thankful he was here to help. Company is very reputable and have heard nothing but great things. We really did our research before going with Phoenix and couldn’t be happier that we did. Thank you JaMaris and Phoenix.
Denise Arroyo-Feliciano
Denise A.
14:45 04 Jul 19
Nathan Hembree was quite helpful right from initial meeting through contact and inspection. No sales pressure. Great folks to work with.
Sanjay Amin
Sanjay A.
19:52 03 Jul 19
Igor knocked on our door and usualy we don't engage much in sales conversations on our doorstep, but he was very friendly and communicative that he got us interested in what his company can offer to us. Seamed like he is really standing strong behind Phoenix Exteriors brand and very confident of their services. We had few meetings and phone calls since then and we are positively surprised how responsive he is. Looking forward in doing all the work with Phoenix and will definitely recomend them to friends and family!
Julian Alberto López Guerra
Julian Alberto López G.
01:29 03 Jul 19
We had hail and wind damage to our home. JaMauris from Phoenix Exteriors was at our home the following day! He met with our homeowners insurance company and we were approved for a new roof, siding, gutters, facia, garage door and screens. Our neighbors on both sides of our house used a different company and their insurance did not approve them for any repairs. JaMauris is professional, honest, personable and quickly responds to texts and emails. We would highly recommend this company and know you will not be disappointed.
Marcia Miller
Marcia M.
00:46 02 Jul 19
I am a real estate broker/investor and it is very important to find reliable vendors for various rehab/remodel projects. I was referred to Phoenix Exteriors, Inc. by another broker and I contacted Igor. He was very nice, quick to respond to emails, extremely professional and an all-around great guy! I will be recommending Phoenix Exteriors, Inc. to my clients. Igor is officially my roof and siding "go-to" guy!
Brian Trump
Brian T.
02:03 01 Jul 19
We are extremely satisfied with our choice of contractor.The meetings were always productive and never rushed.We appreciated the frequency and availability of the meetings as well.They clearly outlined expectations for budget and timeline.they demonstrated professionalism and great.customer service.Our project was completed on budget and on time.We arr extremely pleased with resiult.We are greatfull for recommendation.Perfect.(the special thanks to Igor.)
01:01 01 Jul 19
We just signed a contract for a photovoltaic system with Phoenix Exteriors and so far the process has been fantastic. Our solar rep Nathan is very knowledgeable and flexible. I work in the solar industry and I was very pleased with the pricing, equipment selection, and the no pressure sales pitch. Looking forward to installation time!
Darek Ustupski
Darek U.
22:16 28 Jun 19
They did great job in our house .Highly recommended.
Mariusz Kolbusz
Mariusz K.
02:50 14 Mar 19
This company has been our Santa Claus this year. It was truly a Jesus moment when Steve came to our door. Our insurance had previously denied our roofing claim but Phoenix was able to help us get approved when we reopened the claim. They finished our new roof and cleaned up all of the mess in less than two working days and they did an amazing job. Our roof was so damaged that the county was writing us hate mail. Now we have the best roof on the block. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Deborah O'Brien
Deborah O.
20:27 11 Dec 18
The work was done efficiently and as promised. Steve returned after completion to fix a couple of minor outstanding items and everything was done properly. This is a professional outfit and they did everything they promised to our satisfaction.
John Figliozzi
John F.
16:47 10 Aug 18
I was extremely satisfied with the work that was done to my gutter and downspouts. Eric got back to me promptly, came to my house, provided an estimate and scheduled the work to be done in a timely manner. Chris and Brandon did an excellent job in correcting the problem areas, answered all our questions professionally and were extremely knowledgeable. Both took time and care doing the work like they were repairing their own homes. Thanks again for another great experience.
01:41 01 Aug 18
Had an issue that needed to be dealt with. Eric, the owner, handled it with extreme professionalism and made sure it was corrected until I was satisfied. Great leadership and customer service in this company.
Russ K
Russ K
22:16 27 Jul 18
Ask For Steve Milam! Steve was extremely helpful getting what we needed with our insurance company. He was very detailed and did everything in his power to make our life easier in walking the path of getting our claim completed. The team from Phoenix who did our 3 roofs were extremely kind, detailed in clean up and happy guys all around. The team leader onsite was very smart, informed and always thinking what he could do better for us. Steve stopped by every day to ensure our happiness, the teams quality of work and generally answering questions on issues as they arose. We had a huge difference in the new roof and the siding of our exterior wall as we went from 3 layers to 1 layer of roof. Steve's team solved that issue expertly and with in budget. We were extremely happy with Phoenix Exteriors and Steven Milam in particular. Thanks guys! Clay and Christa Stevens
Christa Banks
Christa B.
20:55 27 Jun 18
We have the best roof on the block! Quality materials and craftsmanship. Working with Dakota made the experience even better. Phoenix did a great job! Highly recommend
eva terpinas
eva T.
23:53 25 May 18
I have worked for 13 yrs now in the insurance related storm restoration business. I have worked for Phoenix Exteriors & Restorations, Inc. for 5yrs and has been absolutely great. I have seen many things in this business that are not right. Phoenix Exteriors has high degree of integrity that comes from the leadership of it's owner, Eric Stanis, that is seen throughout the company. Customers satisfaction is most important and it is seen throughout all operations of this company. I would recommend Phoenix Exteriors for any and all roofing needs. Thanks. Henry Todd.
Henry Todd
Henry T.
01:05 05 Mar 18
Look no further! Phoenix Exteriors is your final destination in terms of quality, service, value and overall experience, from start to finish! As a tenured real estate professional, as well as a veteran homeowner with well over 1/2 dozen residences under past ownership, I can without a doubt say that Phoenix delivers on their promises and meets and exceeds expectations. Having recently completed our major roofing project in the western Chicago-land area, Phoenix (and in particular veteran sales associate Steven Milam) is top shelf!! Specifically, not only did Phoenix/Steven expertly navigate the initial quote/interface with our insurance company, but their communication and assistance with everything from timing, roofing materials, shingle options, planning, pricing, advance notice and what to expect “day of” project start was professionally communicated and shepherded. At any time/day of the week Steven was always available to answer any of our questions (big, small or superfluous!) In closing, I would say that, if you receive a knock on your door from Mr. Milam, and he says that he believes that he can assist your family with a new roof or siding, etc. . . . And that the cost to you or your family will be nothing to minimal — listen up! This professional knows his business, and he always places his customer needs and concerns first.
Timothy Watkins
Timothy W.
21:47 10 Jan 18
Steve is very responsible and “on top” of getting the job done. If he’s working for you you can expect results!
Kristin Drynan
Kristin D.
06:25 09 Jan 18
Phoenix Exteriors has helped with fixing my boyfriend's roof after this girl Abigail was driving around and brought it to his attention that his roof was missing a few shingles after a big storm. She was very helpful and professional and he definitely was happy with the way it turned out.
Kessa Rabe
Kessa R.
03:26 09 Jan 18
Steve M from Phoenix worked with me and my insurance carrier to get a complete replacement on wind and hail damage to my roof.. He was very helpful and knowledgeable from Start to finish! Thank you Phoenix for my new roof!
amanda Nadr
amanda N.
03:14 09 Jan 18
Pheonix exteriors did a great job in helping to resolve my problems with my property. I got professional consulting from a nice young woman named Abi who helped me to discover the issues I had with my roof. The team executed their job well and I am satisfied with their work. Highly recommend.
03:06 09 Jan 18
Phoenix replaced roof & siding last summer from storm damage. The crew was outstanding (especially the CLEAN UP part!). Our "new" home looks terrific. Kudos to Steve M. and his crew+++++
03:01 09 Jan 18
My American Legion Post suffered some hail damage back in July. Our insurance company was extremely slow in assessing the damage and we were not satisfied with their assessment of the damage. Abi referred us to Phoenix Exteriors to do an independent assessment and arranged for a meeting with the insurance assessor. After the meeting we opted to sign with Phoenix to act on our behalf in order to get all the damages repaired.
David Ullrich
David U.
02:24 09 Jan 18
Steve Milam was a great help during this process! Thank you so much for all your help. I'd recommend him & Phoenix Exteriors to anyone looking for excellent service.
Shannon Milam
Shannon M.
02:01 09 Jan 18
Phoenix exteriors worked out really well for me. I met up with a woma named Abi about getting a free consultation for my roof and she was nothing but helpful. She wasn't trying to shove me buying a new roof down my throat but she was convincing enough for me to allow Phoenix exteriors a shot. All in all Phoenix exteriors worked out pretty great and they won't disappoint.
Matthew Rogers
Matthew R.
01:37 09 Jan 18
Have received info from Steve for garage roof repair. He seems to know what I need and how to have my insurance pay for it--storm damage.
00:23 09 Jan 18
Recently I was called upon by one of the reps from Phoenix Exteriors, Todd Pope. Todd was in my neighborhood and noticed my roof might be a candidate for replacement. He is a very personable guy and very knowledgeable; he explained that a roof may be compromised in ways that may not necessarily be visible to the homeowner. After inspecting my roof, Todd determined the roof was actually still in good shape and did not need to be replaced, I really appreciated his honesty. I've decided that when I do need a new roof, I will contact Phoenix first for an estimate.
James Packer
James P.
17:32 08 Jan 18
My experience with Phoenix Exteriors was great, I met Abby and she was very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to my friends and family due to their excellent and proficient work.
Taylor Snyder
Taylor S.
22:47 07 Jan 18
Talked with Steve, from Phoenix. He seems very knowledgeable & honest. My nephew had roofing replaced by his crew, and had nothing but good things to say, especially the handling of insurance by Steve. I plan to use Phoenix upon my return to Illinois...
23:00 06 Jan 18
Steve helped me through the whole process from claim to installation, start to finish, and my home ended up looking beautiful because of it. I don't think I could have successfully gone through this process without his and Phoenix exteriors help, thank you.
D Michael
D M.
22:55 06 Jan 18
Todd Pope, at Phoenix Exteriors, has been a real pleasure to work with on my roof and siding claim. He has a professional demeanor that lends confidence, with outstanding results. I am on my way to resolving my roof issues, with his courteous and guiding hand. He explains every step, in advance, so I know what to expect. I hope this experience continues through completion of this project.
Kellyn Lawrence
Kellyn L.
19:52 06 Jan 18
I have worked directly for several of Steve and Jeff's customers during dispute resolution with the home owners insurance companies and Steve and Jeff fought as hard and diligently for their customers rights as if it were their own homes insurance claims being mishandled by all of the Good Hands and Good Neighbor false insurance advertising.It takes skill and determination to get insurance companies to pay what you are rightfully deserved and Phoenix Exteriors sticks with it for their customers sake to get them what they deserve from beginning to end. Very few Contractors are as familiar with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process in every Homeowners Insurance Policy called The Appraisal Process like they do and I am able to get excellent results dye to their thoroughness and knowledge of Building Codes and Manufacturers Specifications to properly provide an extremely well built restoration end result.
Ed F
Ed F
19:17 06 Jan 18
Todd Pope of Phoenix Exteriors visited our house in Bartlett, Il in November to give us a complimentary roof inspection and verify any possible damage that may exist. He was very personable and immediately provided us with literature and information about Phoenix Exteriors.We have had many roofers and siding companies stop by as we live in a large subdivision. We have had several companies inform us that we have significant damage but when our insurance company sent out adjusters, all proposed replacements were denied due to the lack of any sufficient damage.After Todd’s inspection, he told us that our rood was in good shape and not in need of replacement but that we had a couple of issues that could lead to a possible leak. He informed us where they were located and how we could inexpensively do the repairs. Wow, seems like the first time we actually had an honest salesman stop by. Very much appreciated, especially in today’s world.When it comes time to replace our roof, we will definitely be calling Todd Pope at Phoenix Exteriors.
13:55 06 Jan 18
Our roof was in bad shape and getting worse by the day. We were dreading that expense. Out of the blue, we received a call from Todd Pope. He was in the area and noticed the damage on our roof. Never having filed an insurance claim before, Todd walked us through every step. He even met the claims adjuster at the property when I couldn’t get off work. After getting our scheduled date, the material was dropped on one day, and the roof was stripped and completed the very next day. Todd met us that evening to walk the job for approval. The site was so clean that you couldn’t even tell they had been there. We had strong winds a few days after installation and Todd called me to tell me he drove by to do an inspection to make sure all the shingles had stayed and sealed. You don’t get that kind of service unless you do it yourself. Great job from Phoenix, the crew and especially Todd. Thanks Guys, Jim and Lizabeth Lowe
Lizabeth Lowe
Lizabeth L.
02:17 06 Jan 18
I had an inspection done due to I live in an area where weather damage is common and my home is close to being 20 years old. Todd Pope was very knowledgeable, well spoken, and above anything else, honest. It turns out my exterior wasn’t in need for any repairs, but when it is, Todd will be the first person I call. And, anyone that I know that is in need of repairs, I will refer them to Mr. Pope.
Andre Breaux
Andre B.
08:46 05 Jan 18
Extremely professional roofing company. We had some storm damage to our roof and gutters and Phoenix handled the repair from start to finish. They made the entire process and repair painless and worry free. From working with our insurance company the adjusters and scheduling the repair, they took a stressful situation and made it stress free. We are very pleased with our decision to go with Phoenix. We have already recommended Phoenix to others and will continue to do so. Thanks Jeff Edwards, and your team.
papa don
papa D.
18:42 12 Sep 17
Always a pleasure working with Phoenix Exteriors they are the real deal! Thanks for the great work!
Cammy M
Cammy M
01:56 03 Aug 17
Had a roof installed 4yrs ago with phoenix. Recently strong winds knocked 1 shingle to the ground I called jeff and they came back out installed shingle and checked the roof which was still under warranty. Thanks jeff
cmatias 70
cmatias 7.
21:06 06 Apr 17
They came and did a consultation once I contacted them. Good service .
Sam Panicker
Sam P.
23:50 29 Mar 17

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