Climate Change is Only Getting Worse From Here

Climate change has been discussed heavily for decades now and not just in the US, but all around the world. As we get wrapped up in our day to day lives, it can be hard to have a long term memory of all the effects climate change has had on our planet. However, as time goes on, and less climate change action is taken, our communities are in very imminent danger. For example, every spring/summer season, we hear about big devastating fires in California. In an estimation of over the last few years, 4% of California land has burned. Prior to today’s conditions, firefighters described that a typical career in firefighting would result in one big “career” fire. Whereas today, those “career” fires happen every year now. In fact, due to global warming, the fire season has expanded to two months prior to what it was in the past. Since the temperature of the planet is rising, the ice caps in the mountains have melted faster than past averages. Though these fires are devastating, it’s not the only global climate change phenomenon that has occurred. 


Death Valley, CA recorded the hottest temperature in the world during the summer of 2021. During July, they reached a high of 130 degrees Fahrenheit for the area. Scientists expect the temperatures to only get worse from there. Additionally, in November 2019, the city of Venice in Italy, which uses water ways as their roads to navigate the city, became flooded. So many historical and iconic landmarks were water damaged and the salt from the water erodes away at things like marble and granite which are the materials that were used for these priceless pieces of art. Without a viable solution and push for climate change action, these are just a few of the examples of what could happen. 


While we wait for climate change action to be made into law, we can make changes for our own lives. Phoenix Exteriors believes in sustainable change for our community. Converting to solar energy is a huge way to have an impact on your carbon footprint; however, roofing can supplement the solar panels in a big way too. We used sustainable roofing products for the most environmentally friendly changes that we can possibly make. Contact us today to start saving with solar!

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