Don’t pay corrupt energy companies, claim your energy independence.

If you are a California resident, then you are well aware of the devastating fires we have endured over the past few years due to PG&E’s negligence. The spark that ignited the Camp fire was not random either. A rotted, 98 year old hook holding up the power lines broke which caused the fallen power line to brush up to the metal tower frame and thus sparks showered a drought ridden California. Instead of maintaining their equipment, PG&E allowed it to fall in such disrepair that it eventually failed and to add to this mess, PG&E is passing the cost of this mess on to their customers!

In a 2021 proposal, PG&E suggested a rate hike for their customers which will be a 5% increase per year over the next five years. This will cost customers up to an additional $36 a month on their energy bills! It honestly just does not seem fair or right that PG&E is making everyone else pay for their negligence especially since they have almost a monopoly on the power industry in California. The almost part is how we can change things and take back our independence from utility companies!

Starting your solar journey is a great way to dive into savings for your wallet and the planet. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to have your own energy independence from PG&E! With your own solar system, you don’t ever have to be at the mercy of PG&E blackouts or their environmental mistakes! By switching to solar with Phoenix Exteriors, we can help return your energy independence to you. We have flexible financing plans and can provide you with $1,000 off a new asphalt roof or up to 50% off your new solar system. Visit us today so we can get you your energy independence!

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