Solar FAQ

What is Net Metering

Net Metering Basics

When you have your own solar system, you generate energy from the sun and if you generate too much, you can sell that excess solar energy back to the utility company’s energy grid. Essentially, with net metering, you’ll be making money off of the energy companies that used to charge you for energy consumption. You’ll have to check your area for specifics. Some companies provide actual monetary incentives and others repay homeowners in the form of credits towards their next energy bill if an amount is due.

How Solar Panels Work in 3 Simple Steps:

How Net Metering Works for You

Net metering gives the power to the homeowner. You don’t have to use the energy from the energy companies and you can choose a greener world for tomorrow. Solar energy gives people the power to choose their own source of energy for their homes and lives especially with net metering letting you make a profit on the same companies.

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