Solar FAQ

Does Solar Save Money?

Lock in your rates with solar

Yes, solar can save you money! When you switch to solar, you are cutting back and in some cases cutting out your energy bill altogether! On average, American households spend about $1,500 in electricity bills a year. This number is also likely to increase as utility companies continue to raise their prices as finite resources run out. Solar, however, is an infinite resource that we can harness for a cleaner world and solar will only help you save money!

Make money with net metering

The reality is you’ll still have an energy bill, but it’s entirely possible that there may not be an amount due or a very small amount due when it comes to you. If you’re enrolled in the energy company’s net metering program, you’ll even make money back as you sell extra energy you generate with your home solar system! Combined these with federal and local incentives for solar and it’s a no brainer decision. Overall, the investment of solar will show returns in many different ways!

We can help you decide if solar is right for you.

If you’re ready to start your solar journey, Phoenix Exteriors is ready to help! We have customizable solar kit options for you and your home’s needs. We want to work with you to save the planet and your wallet. Contact us today for a free estimate on all your solar needs!