Floating Solar Panel Technology!

Solar panel technology often is changing and evolving like anything in the technological world. A new form of solar technology has taken form while we as a planet continue to find ways to fight climate change across the globe. South Korea is one of the many countries looking for energy alternatives to fossil fuels; however, they do not have a lot of lands to create solar farms. This did not stop them from thinking outside the box, but rather they thought outside of their land. South Korea decided that “Instead of clearing what little real estate there is for renewable energy projects, 92,000 solar panels in the shape of plum blossoms now float on the gently bobbing surface of a southern reservoir.” The country not only created a floating solar farm in their nearby bodies of water, but they made it in a beautiful shape to use all their solar panels. Not only are the solar flowers beautiful, they’re also powerful as they are, “…able to generate 41.5 megawatts, enough to provide power for 60,000 people…” These big, beautiful solar flowers pack the punch that the country is looking for to hopefully fully transition to 100% renewable energy in the future. In fact, the solar flowers being in the water is a big plus because the water, “…increases their efficiency by as much as 10%, as the surrounding water helps them remain naturally cooler.” So in many ways, the floating solar flowers are extremely efficient by creating renewable energy for the country but also land conservation as well by using the water for a solar space. South Korea is becoming a green innovator for a better, renewable world in the future. 


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