Good News For Illinois Residents Solar Production and Net Metering Program with ComEd

If you’re a ComEd customer in Illinois with a solar system, we have great news for you! Originally capped the percentage of net metering at 105%, but now in an IPA (Illinois Power Agency) announcement, it revealed that the cap has been lifted! More net metering credit allowance means more savings for your energy bill! If you are unfamiliar with net metering and are interested, ComEd’s net metering is, “…credits that appear on your energy bill [and] reflect the value of the excess energy sent to the smart grid.” So if you are interested in solar, it’s time to start saving! If you are interesting in ComEd’s net metering, have a solar system, and would like to apply for their net metering program, you can check out their application to learn more!

If you are interested in starting your own solar journey, Phoenix Exteriors is happy to help! We offer affordable and customizable solar options to meet all the needs for your home. Solar can save you money not just through net metering, but also by cutting back on your energy bill when you harness solar for your own energy purposes! We want to work with you to save the planet and your wallet. Contact us today for a free estimate on all your solar needs!

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