How ERCOT FAILED During the Texas Freeze of 2021

As a Texan, you are well aware of the freeze that fell over the state in early 2021. Millions lost power as the grid failed and some residents even lost their lives due to the lack of power and access to water as a consequence of the crumbling infrastructure of the utilities. This freeze was brought on by climate change, but the loss of lives was brought on by negligence from ERCOT. Unsurprisingly, the grid was given recommended upgrades to prevent this kind of disaster that were blatantly ignored. 

The proposal was overall ignored due to a utility company claiming that the requirements were unnecessary as it, “may or may not identify the ‘weak links’ in protections against extreme temperatures.” Overall, the changes for the grid were not as rigorous and rather than, “identifying all possible failure points in their equipment, power companies would need only to address any that were previously known [instead of addressing the new problems]”. Knowing this in hindsight of what happened during the freeze is maddening and outrageous. Instead of investing time, money, and labor into a better power grid infrastructure, the power companies did the bare minimum to save themselves the profits. 

None of this is fair or right. ERCOT should have been doing their job and making sure all Texans had access to life saving energy. Instead of taking responsibility for their errors, ERCOT continues to raise prices for its consumers. They are making you pay more for their problems. Instead of staying in their tyranny, Phoenix Exteriors is ready to help you start saving with solar!

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