How Much is a Tesla Solar Roof?

This is a common question and a legitimate one. To be completely upfront, this is the break down of how the estimates work

Square Footage Number of Floors kW Energy Storage Est. Cost
1,000 1 6.31 1 Powerwall $46,425
2,000 2 12.57 2 Powerwalls $64,193
3,000 3 18.83 3 Powerwalls $81,961

This grid might provide a bit of sticker shock for people, but the investment into this particular solar system will see returns in different ways. A Powerwall compact battery is bundled with Tesla Solar Roof purchase. The solar roof tiles are all weather protection and have a 25 year warranty as well which is very good. Since a Tesla Solar Roof produces 25-32kWh a day, that approximates $3.21-$4.10 a day in energy production. Essentially, the system will pay for itself in roughly 8 to 12 years. Meaning, you would still have a little over a decade of warranty protection as well. Additionally, the Solar Roof has an efficiency rate of 21.76%. This allows you to power your home whenever you need and that 24/7 energy security is definitely worth it alone! It will also add value to your home should you ever need to sell. 

So how much is a Tesla Solar Roof? In terms of finances, it is an investment, but you’ll see returns on that investment in more ways than one and in record timing too. Not to mention, claiming your energy independence from the utility companies is another added benefit. Phoenix Exteriors is a certified installer for Tesla Solar Roof and we are ready to talk to you about the process! Contact us today!

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