Illinois renewable energy goals

Illinois is Making Leaps and Bounds in the Solar Industry!

At Phoenix Exteriors, our headquarters is located proudly in Chicagoland, IL and we are even more proud to see the reach and progress the solar industry has had in the state. Our home state is making great strides in their goal for renewable energy by 2050. In fact, “Data collected by the solar industry found 2022 is on track to be one of the biggest years for solar energy in Illinois’ history. The renewable energy industry plans to complete more than 8,400 additional solar installations and increase its workforce by nearly 50% in 2022.” Solar is only getting bigger and more commonplace as the Earth’s climate is continuing to decline. However, brighter horizons are on the horizon literally and metaphorically as Illinois’ renewable energy goals pushed towards the green energy goals. Goals that will only flourish and expand in Illinois. The state reached a huge milestone as, “…solar businesses have installed enough renewable energy to power 30,000 homes…, 8,052 waitlisted solar projects have moved forward and are expected to be approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission this month, more than 2,000 rooftop and community solar projects have already been installed and are generating enough electricity to power more than 30,000 homes, and Illinois businesses will complete more than 8,400 rooftop and community solar projects by the end of 2022.” With stats like these ones, it’s easy to have hope for the future of our planet. Advocates and environmentalists pushed for clean energy legislation in the state and one of the biggest ones being ISEA (Illinois Solar Education Association) who provided the data and information for these figures

Illinois’ renewable energy goals are just one small example of how we can save our planet. Phoenix Exteriors wants to help you be a part of the example. We can help you save on energy while we save the planet. You can help add to these wonderful statistics in Illinois or in your own state! Contact us today to start your solar journey and save with solar!

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