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Let Phoenix Exteriors Handle Your Insurance Claims!

Insurance companies can be a big headache so wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could handle the insurance claims for you? At Phoenix Exteriors, we can do that for you! Before you file a claim with your insurance provider, contact us so we can go to bat for you. Many different factors apply when creating an insurance claim. For example, the age of your roof plays a part, “When your roof is 25 years old, it’s pretty much at the end of its life. Your expectation might be that your insurance would never cover replacing it. But your insurance company may be more likely to cover a whole roof replacement for an older roof…If you do file the claim and the insurance company only approves a repair, you might not even meet the cost of your deductible. Now you’ve just added a claim to your record, and you haven’t even benefited from it. That doesn’t mean you should never file a claim on a new roof, But you’re going to need a lot more damage before that makes sense.” The amount of damage is also an element of consideration. The best way to determine if you need a complete re-roof or just a repair is to have us perform a full inspection for you. Once the inspection is complete, we can provide a sufficient report and estimate. Some issues that can cause problems for insurance claims are: discontinued shingles, ventilated ridges, creased shingles, and of course, hail damage. However, these are things we can assess and talk about with your insurance company. 

If you’re looking for roofing services, Phoenix Exteriors is here to help! We have over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry so there isn’t anything we can’t do for you! From inspecting your roof to duking it out with your insurance company, we want to serve you. Contact us today to set up your inspection and consultation. 

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