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Local Texas Solar Incentives

In addition to a Federal Solar Tax Credit, local utility companies in Texas also offer solar incentives for your home! A new solar system is important for renewable energy for the state of Texas as we attempt to move away from relying solely on the power grid. In an effort to do so, power utility companies such as Austin Energy, TXU, and CPS Energy all offer their customers a little extra for their choice to invest in a green future! Energy buyback programs and local rebates are just a few ways your solar investment can make you money! 

Austin Energy offers a $2,500 rebate for a solar system. Also if you qualify, homeowners can participate in Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff which pays the homeowner $0.097/kWh for overflow of energy collected from solar. Over in the Houston area, TXU offers clean energy credit which means when the home produces more energy than it uses on their Renewable Buyback plans, the homeowner will get paid. When the homeowner needs more, they’ll pay a flat rate for 100% Texas wind or solar power from the grid! It’s a great way to sustain your home on 100% green energy! Finally, if the homeowner is a CPS Energy customer, they can receive up to $1.20/W of solar panels that are installed on the roof. However, this rate will continue to decrease over time so the time to get into solar is now! 

Net metering is also a great reason to get into solar. It is similar to the programs Austin Energy and CPS Energy offer. Net metering allows a two way relationship between homeowners and the utility company. During peak solar hours, the excess energy will accrue credits with the utility company and during off solar hours, the homeowner can offset what is owed to the power companies when they use their credits. These solar incentives are a big way to get huge savings on your energy bill and Phoenix Exteriors is ready to help you start your solar journey!

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