Marvel hero fighting climate change

Marvel Hero Fighting Real World Problems!

Like most of society, you are probably well aware of the Marvel Universe, especially with the cinematic movies we’ve had in the past few years. The movies are for the most part loosely based on the comics and with modern times comes modern heroes for modern problems. Marvel Comics has created a new Marvel hero to fight climate change, introducing: La Borinqueña a.k.a Marisol Rios De La Luz. Her powers include flying, diving, super strength, and control of storms. After being denied classes due to lack of funding in Puerto Rico as a Earth and Environmental science major, Marisol decides to take matters into her own hands and starts conducting experiments in a makeshift lab at her grandfather’s cafe. One night, she goes to Cueva Ventana during a storm and makes a shocking discovery about La Estrella Del Camino, which results in her receiving her powers from Atabex, Huracan, and Yucahu. This character is a hero in many ways to comic fans, but especially for environmental activists. 

Protecting our environment and fighting against climate change is important work to preserve our planet for the greater good. A Marvel hero fighting climate change is a representation of that which we can look towards for inspiration; however, it is fully our responsibility in the real world to do the work to reverse climate change. You can be one of the world’s heroes in this fight by going solar. Phoenix Exteriors is ready to help you become the superhero you are! We have fully customizable solar kits with backup battery options. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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