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Meet Our New Program: P.E.R.K – Phoenix Emergency Response Kit

Natural disasters are occurring all too often around our country. They displace hardworking, honest citizens from their homes and communities. From lack of resources to damaged properties, it’s tragedies like these that are heartbreaking and can be really hard to come back from. These unforeseen events can all differ in how they affect the country such as hurricanes, heat waves, and even unprecedented freezes. However, one thing that they do have in common is people suffering from these events will lose power whether it be accidental or purposeful for the safety of the area. With our new program, PERK, we are the roofing company that can help keep your lights on!


Generators are often the way people try to keep the home power running. They tend to be very loud when running and they require servicing in the long term as well. Additionally, they run on gasoline and it can be very difficult to find. Meaning you could be driving hundreds of miles to retrieve fuel to keep it running. With PERK, our backup batteries and 12 panel systems do not require any servicing, they are environmentally powered, and they are even quiet as a mouse. Speaking of the system, the backup battery enclosures can hold up to 6 cells which gives you approximately 18 kWs of power. This will give you lasting power for all your household’s needs when natural disasters strike. 


We offer the most affordable plans as well. With our loan, we require zero down, no payments, and no interest for 18 months. Our payment plans start at $189 a month for the backup battery and 12 panel system and with a new fortified roof the payment plan is only $239 a month. We are one company, with one loan, one warranty. We are the one stop shop to provide energy security for your family when natural disasters strike with PERK

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