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New Thinner Solar Technology!

Solar panels are a valuable technology that is utilized all over the world in various ways for the energy to be used in different areas of society. Like all technology, it evolves and changes for the better. The solar panels we are familiar with today, “…are made of a bunch of solar cells (or photovoltaic cells) made of silicon semiconductors that absorb sunlight and create an electric current. These individual cells are connected together to make one solar panel.” The energy these panels produce can be used for personal home use which is one of the most commonplace examples of solar panels. While the panels can appear bulky and cumbrous, developments in this technology are evolving to make it so that panels can be thinner. 

So thin in fact, that the new material, “…would take 15 layers to reach the thickness of a single piece of paper.” It would be incredibly lightweight and flexible so that technology such as wearable devices, sensors, and for aerospace and electric vehicles can be created with a sustainable and almost weightless material. With the current silicon material being not very environmentally friendly, this new material could change the whole industry and society for energy efficiency and consumption. The energy output of the new material is one of the challenges it faces; however, “when looking at the specific power – a measure of electrical power output per unit weight of the solar cell – the prototype produced 4.4 watts per gram, a figure competitive with other current-day thin-film solar cells, including other experimental prototypes.” Since the solar energy industry is only getting better and even more evolved, investing in solar now is the best time! Phoenix Exteriors is ready to give you the help you need to start your solar journey today! Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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