Never Lose Power Again.

Backup Energy Storage

Outage Protection

Energy Independence


    • Stay connected to TV, streaming services, and Internet
    • Charge your phone and other devices
    • Power appliances that you need


    • Little to no maintenance
    • Automatic stop/start for when you’re away
    • 24/7 Customer Support


    • Automatically detects power outages and responds in seconds
    • Safe power with no surges
    • Battery backup to keep your home protected during the fires

    Next time the power goes out, it might take weeks to turn back on. Contact us today and we'll help you stay safe.

    You Package Options

    $0 Down
    No interest for 18 months
    Full back up system
    3 Battery Storage (Locally Sourced)
    12 Solar Panels

    Includes Everything in Package One
    Malarkey Reinforced Roof(Weather Resistant)

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