PGE brings cold blackouts

PGE Blackouts While El Dorado Froze

If you’re a PGE customer, then you are no stranger to blackouts. However, these blackouts are becoming more deadly than ever. Due to recent storms in California, we have been experiencing a much greater deal of snow as well. It took PGE almost two weeks for them to service the El Dorado county area. Local residents said that the area, “…[has] power outages a lot, but it usually comes back on in two, three, four days at the most.” Overall, the impression they gave off to the people in the area was one of apathy and non urgency. PGE wants to have a monopoly over the power industry, but can’t seem to find the time and resources to maintain it. 


However, you can break free of this monopoly. With Phoenix Exteriors new PERK program, you can make sure your home always has power. The PERK program offers a backup battery with a 12 panel system to make sure your family always has the lights on. Local residents also mentioned that, “…Although they have a generator, not everything in their home is working – and they need more fuel to keep what little light they have on.” Generators are overall unreliable in a crisis, but with our PERK program, we are the roofing company that can ensure your lights stay on! Contact us today for more information!

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