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Prep Your Solar Panels for Snow!

Winter can appear to be a scary time for your solar panels, but Phoenix Exteriors has some tips for you to help you prepare whatever the winter season has for you! We want to make sure you and your home gets the peak amount of sunlight possible so your home can run on the most efficient amount of energy. One of the first steps you can take is to have the angle of your solar panels adjusted. With the sun being in a different position due the wintertime, your panels will need to be in the prime position to absorb as much sunlight as possible which would be a steep angle. This provides the best possible result for sun absorption, but also it’ll help the snow fall off even easier. Light snowfall will melt off easily; however, the heavy snow will prevent the solar panels from absorbing the necessary sun rays and the additional weight will add stress to the mounting points of the solar panels. You can clean off the panels by sweeping snow off with a soft snow brush. If you use anything like a rough brush or a rake, you risk damaging, scratching, or cracking the panels. Finally, you should also make sure your storage battery system is well-insulated. If your battery is installed indoors, your battery should be fine, but by making sure your battery system is safe from winter conditions your home will maintain the energy and safety that a solar system provides. 

If you’re worried about losing your power during the next winter storm, Phoenix Exteriors can help with our PERK program! PERK offers a 12 panel system with 3 backup batteries to make sure your home can weather all the outside conditions. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our experts for more information and how much money you can save!

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