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Have you ever wondered what power you have to help climate change? What about where your power comes from? It is true that our electricity still comes from finite sources such as coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. Otherwise known as fossil fuels. A portion of energy is also generated from the unlimited and renewable resources or “green energy”. All the energy both sustainable and unsustainable resources generate goes to the power grid. Whenever you use energy in your home, then it pulls that energy from that grid so it can make it impossible to determine which resource the energy is generated from. However, would you like the power to choose green energy for your home and/or business? RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) allow the choice to be in your hands for green, renewable power. 

These certificates prove that renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower created 1MWH which is enough for one month of power for an average household. Including the proof of how you obtained the energy for your home or business, it also proves the green environmental benefits of that 1MWH such as lower amounts of smog and greenhouse gases. Additionally, RECs allow the federal government and green utility companies to track where the 1MWH comes from and further, developers can build where the resources are located. RECs give us the power to choose green energy and all the benefits that come with it. No matter where we live!

What about globally? How does the purchasing of a RECs actually creates tangible change? An argument often used against any kind of green energy movements is the concern that existing jobs will vanish. However, studies have shown that the green energy market not only creates more jobs, but also creates five times the amount of jobs that already exist for the energy industry. In fact, it is estimated that by 2050, solar could be the top power source for our world. By purchasing RECs, it is a strong statement that we are demanding change for the planet in a positive direction and to beat climate change by working together. RECs are just one of the many ways we get the power to determine our future, our green future. 

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