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How Going Solar Can Carry Us into the Future!

It’s no secret that climate change is ravaging our planet and we are dangerously close to a point of no return. So needless to say, the fight against climate change is crucial. One of our biggest advantages in this fight is renewable energy like solar. In fact, “climate experts warn transition to a green grid needs to speed up”. President Biden alleges we’ll have a carbon-free energy world by 2035, but scientists say 2050 is a more realistic goal. Without more climate change motivated legislature, our planet and green conscious goals will be nothing more than wishful thinking. Much of our country still runs on fossil fuels such as natural gas; however, scientists believe a world completely ran on renewables is a completely viable goal.

A study was conducted with a model that confirmed that a, “…zero-load, loss–meaning, essentially, no blackouts with 100 percent renewable energy and storage” was entirely possible. However, the target year, as previously mentioned, is closer to 2050 rather than 2035. Not only are blackouts potentially a thing of the past, but also the model provides, “…that using renewable sources could generate enough energy to keep the grid balanced without any load loss.” Renewable energy is becoming more and more appealing to the general public especially as, “solar…is half the cost of natural gas”. With an investment in solar, you are investing in more than just your home energy system. You are investing in the future and well being of our planet as well. Phoenix Exteriors can help you start your solar journey and continue to push the US into the future of renewable energy. Contact us today!

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