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Every year improvements in roofing technology and innovation offer new and exciting roofing products to homeowners. Modern roofing styles, textures and materials provide accent to all types of housing design types. With an unprecedented range of choices for performance and aesthetic you want to talk about your roofing choices with the experts at Phoenix Exteriors.

When you’re making a long-term impact decision such as choosing a roof for your home, its important to make the choices that will best compliment your home’s style. You want to choose shingles, styles and colors that match your home’s existing look and feel. Have pride and satisfaction in the personal style of your new rooftop.

Roofing is available in a wide range of prices and styles. Durability, aesthetic, energy efficiency, color, affordability and more – all are factors to consider when making your roofing decision. Phoenix Exteriors will help with recommendations based on careful consideration of your home’s needs and style, your preferences and your budget.

Phoenix Roofing and Exteriors offers several types of home roofing options.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roofing system in America uses asphalt shingles. These are proven to be durable and effective in most strong weather conditions or environmental factors. Asphalt shingles in use today are mostly fiberglass nestled between sheets of flexible asphalt and ceramic. These are easy to install and relatively lightweight, making them a good choice for long lasting home roofing without going too high on pricing.

Metal Roofing

Originally used mostly on commercial rooftops, metal roofing is becoming a popular and durable home roofing option. Steel, copper, aluminum and alloy metals are all available with varying degrees of textures, shapes and sizes. Metal roofing also offers an aesthetic much more striking than typical asphalt shingle styles. The most popular home metal roofing material is copper, however the rising cost of such metal has made other options more viable for the frugal homeowner who wants a metal roof without going overboard on costs. Metal roofing is more expensive but likely to be the last roof you put on your house in your lifetime.

Solar Roofing

Integrating solar roofing into your residential roofing system is easier than ever. With improved battery and storage technology and lower prices it’s becoming quite common to generate clean free electricity from the sun, right at your home. Rooftop solar can improve your home in many ways. Solar will add value to your home while saving your electricity bills.

  • Solar means clean, free energy
  • Renewable energy means it repeats
  • Efficient electricity generated on the spot
  • Resilient, long-term energy solution
  • Adds value to your home the moment you turn it on

Solar roofing is simply a good investment that’s foolish to pass up.

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