Let’s face it…siding is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fixing up your home. However, if you’re looking for the a fantastic return on your investment then you should look no further than siding.

Replacing your home’s siding doesn’t sound glamorous but when you think about increasing the value of your home it all starts with curb appeal. If you have old or damaged siding then your home will be labeled as a fixer-upper and will lose equity without people even seeing the inside.

You may want to consider installing a “no maintenance” siding on your home, which means going “vinyl”. Vinyl siding does not have to be painted or thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning your vinyl siding is as simple as spraying it with your garden hose.

A newer, innovative, vinyl siding that saves you money in energy costs is an insulated backed vinyl siding. This siding is great for any homes (and climate) north of St. Louis. Our favorite siding is Alside’s Prodigy line with an R-value of 5.3. This siding emulates cedar siding & fiber cement with its 6” or 7” clapboards.

Also, you may have noticed wavy areas on some non-insulated vinyl sided homes. Alside’s Prodigy line virtually eliminates that. We believe this product will fully dominant the market in a few short years, because of the tax-credit that is now available for using this energy efficient product.

Whatever your choice for siding, call Phoenix Exteriors for a free inspection and quote.

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