Target Adding Solar to Their CA Stores!

As the world continues to need more sustainable options to survive, our communities and the businesses that thrive off of our support are starting to take action for a renewable future. One of the biggest retailers in the US and specifically California, Target is creating green energy goals, “…to source 100% of its energy from renewable options by 2030 and plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.” Their actions are following their goals as well. Target has launched a solar panel project for their Vista, CA store location. In the parking lot, “…Massive carports topped with solar panels that will power [the] store in California. The panels, high above the parking lot, will produce enough renewable energy to power the entire store, from its refrigeration to its heating and air conditioning…” The store previously had solar panels installed on just the rooftop of the location, but in an effort to hopefully become 100% dependent on renewable energy, they added the carport solar panels. The new solar panels make this Target location, “…the company’s first net-zero energy store. The chain expects the solar panels to produce 10% more energy than the store needs, which it will return to the local power grid.” Solar is a great resource to run a store sustainably and it really helps the community when the excess energy this Target will produce goes straight to the power grid so others can share in a renewable future. 


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