Solar in Texas

Solar in Texas Is Booming and Here’s Why

Solar in Texas booming might seem hard to believe, but these claims are not unfounded. According to a Forbes article Texans are, “No longer able to trust the power grid, and no longer [are] confident that state leaders can keep the lights on, many…are taking matters into their own hands, adding on-site generation, solar panels and batteries”. It is no secret that ERCOT failed big time during the February freeze of 2021. Despite politicians and corporate promises to weatherize the power grid, it appears those changes will not go into effect until after this current winter. 

Many in the state are turning to solar in order to maintain some kind of control for their home energy systems. Energy Secretary Jessica Granholm is not surprised Texans are turning to solar. She stated, “Solar is the cheapest and fastest-growing source of clean energy”. In fact, a study led by her department found that, “solar power has the potential to provide as much as 40% of the country’s power needs in 15 years”. Texans are yearning for reliable energy and where the grid has failed, they are turning to renewable energy to fill the void. Phoenix Exteriors is here and ready to help with your solar journey. We also offer roofing services to weatherize your home against the harsh conditions too. Contact Phoenix Exteriors today to set up your consultation and learn how you can save on solar in Texas!

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