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Solar is Booming, but Get in Before Supply Chain Issues Cause Delays!

As climate change rages, solar is only becoming more and more popular as an energy alternative for our society. The US Energy Information Administration has “project[ed] that US solar companies will install 21.5 GW of utility-scale capacity this year [which would] shatter the annual record of 15.5 GE set last year”. However, since the pandemic is an ever-present issue in our lives, this number could decrease due to supply chain issues we face as Americans. The trade group, Solar Energy Industries, has, “…warned that supply chain constraints were driving cost increases and could limit the industry growth”. This is concerning due to projected industry growth, but also disappointing for consumers looking to switch to solar. Solar has become more commonplace and in demand as the years have gone on, but things like COVID-19 are could significantly slow down the industry. In fact, the slow down of the industry projections, “…come amid shipping delays and rising equipment costs”. It’s no secret right now that the country as a whole in all industries are facing these exact issues. The projections continue to predict that, “one third of [solar] projects would be delayed” due to lack of resources. 

However, with Phoenix Exteriors, we can help you into your new solar system sooner rather than later! We have stock in our warehouse and we are ready to help you with your home project! With our expert installation team, you could start saving money with solar in no time! Contact us today to lock in your prices before inflation and supply chain issues take over!

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