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Solar is the BEST Option if Another Texas Freeze Happens

So you’ve been hearing how solar is the best option for energy independence, especially in the event that another freeze falls over Texas, but will solar panels actually withstand those extreme cold temperatures? The short answer is yes! Colder states like Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New York are thriving areas for the solar industry. So what does this mean for the state of Texas or other areas in the US?

As a matter of fact, solar panels work best in colder climates. The way a solar panel collects energy is by using a layer of silicon cells and when light interacts with a silicon cell, it causes electrons to be set into motion, which initiates a flow of electric current. Actually, solar panels collect the sun’s radiation for energy and not its actual heat. So no matter how cold it is, as long as the sun is hitting the panel, energy is being generated for your home! Solar systems can be vital during all manner of weather events that can affect your area. 

Solar isn’t just about energy independence, but can also be a matter of survival in Texas as climate change rages through the country. In fact, by choosing solar for your home, you can be a part of the fight against climate change. With the stability of a home solar system, you can be prepared for whatever the weather decides and Phoenix Exteriors is ready to help you start saving with solar with our PERK program! PERK gives you the ability to never lose power again. With a 12 panel system, you can generate energy and store it in a full backup system that includes 3 locally sourced batteries which are entirely silent and require no maintenance. Combined with a new roof, your home will be prepared for weather conditions. 


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