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Why Solar Roofing Installation Is Best for Your Property

Phoenix Exteriors is a Malarkey-certified Emerald Premium and Pro residential contractor providing energy-saving solar roofing. Throughout Chicago, IL and Austin and San Antonio, TX, our company has helped homes and private properties revolutionize their energy consumption. The results save them money monthly and help them reduce their ecological footprint in a vastly changing world. We’re proud of our status as a leader in renewable energy installation, and we can’t wait to upgrade your property with rooftop solar panel installation. We provide the most affordable and innovative solar energy technology to three perfect solar roofing locations.

Solar Panels Offer Five High-Powered Advantages

Solar roof installation costs might seem like too much to bear for residential property owners. But consider the benefits before you write off solar energy. At Phoenix Exteriors, we believe upgrading a roof to house solar panels is an excellent way to reap many advantages. Many people have incorrect assumptions about solar power. For instance, you don’t have to live in a perpetually sun-splashed location to use solar panels. Chicago residents who trek through frigid Lake Michigan temperatures and winds can still use solar energy. That’s because the solar panels collect solar power even during overcast days and store excess energy for the evening. Now that we’ve dispatched that misconception, let’s examine the benefits of solar power:

  • Eco-Friendliness: Carbon footprint. This phrase is gaining traction in the media and our private conversations. The gist: We should all attempt to reduce our impact on the planet. Solar panels are one way to do so because they dramatically reduce the amount of energy you require from traditional electric or gas power.
  • Durability: Solar power panels are made from sturdy stuff. The tornados and summer storms of Austin and San Antonio, TX are no match for them, and neither is Chicago’s punishing winters. Our solar roofing products will last a lifetime, provided you stay on top of the simple maintenance tasks our expert team will describe during the installation process.
  • Return on Investment: Because solar panels harness the sun’s energy to power your lights, TVs, appliances, and more, you won’t have to pay an outrageous electric bill. Most residential property owners find that the initial investment in solar roofing technology pays for itself over several years. Your investment also impacts property values.
  • Increased Home Value: There are numerous ways to boost your home’s value. Solar roofing is one of them. If you think you might want to sell your property someday, give solar a chance. The technology will make your home enticing and increase the profits you receive from the sale. One more thing to consider: Solar power could very well be the future. If electric costs rise down the line, your home will be attractive because it’s modern and with the times.
  • Energy Rebates: Illinois and Texas offer considerable rebates to customers who switch from traditional energy sources to solar. Why? They want to invest in renewable energy as much as you do. These rebates aren’t small change either. Taking advantage of the state and federal rebates can help defray the solar roofing installation cost.
  • Improving Technology: Solar energy is better than ever. As the technology evolves, so does its ability to deliver long-term benefits to those who invest in solar roofing. For example, solar panels now possess an extraordinary battery life and storage technology. What does that mean? Homeowners who make the switch can count on uninterrupted power, even in the aftermath of a storm.

Why You Should Choose Phoenix Exteriors for Solar Roofing

While solar roofing solutions save you money and enhance your quality of life, an experienced specialist should always install them. Phoenix Exteriors has years of experience providing solar roofing to our clients. That expertise pays off to the tune of seamless customer service. We operate quickly but carefully. We measure deliberately and install thoroughly. Our experts apply their extensive training to deliver maximum value and first-rate performance.
Most importantly, we never rest on our laurels. While our customers and peers recognize us as leaders in the solar roofing field, we never stop collecting new knowledge and perfecting emerging techniques. Our dedication to providing an enjoyable and fruitful experience is a substantial driving force behind our reputation.

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If saving thousands of dollars per year on your electric bill and achieving true energy independence sound useful to you, then give Phoenix Exteriors a call today. We want to help you reduce the harmful emissions everyday life produces. Solar roofing is the perfect method for everything from minimizing the impact doing laundry has on the environment to streamlining every facet of your house. We offer free consultations and estimates, so contact us today for your no-risk appointment. A better future awaits!

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