Never Lose Power Again.

    No More Outages Ever Again.

    Whether it’s fires, floods, storms or hurricanes, power outages are bound to happen. Our fragile power grids can’t support the rising population and demand for power. Don’t wait till the next time your home is left without power. Have peace of mind with the P.E.R.K. Package.


    What Is P.E.R.K.?

    The Phoenix Emergency Response Kit is a solar panel and Generac battery combo kit. It features your choice of 12, 18, or 24 solar panels and a PWRCell battery bank. PWRcell is not just a powerful battery, but also the most flexible and scalable home energy system on the market.

    Do I Need A Battery?

    Thought it’s not necessary to have a battery, it’s wiser to pair your solar panels with one. Adding battery storage to your home solar system lets you store the excess energy your solar panels produce. With P.E.R.K. you can save your own renewable energy and use it at night or in an outage instead of drawing electricity from the power grid.

    Maximize Your Solar Benefits

    When we install and configure your solar battery, we look at your relationship with the grid and your utility. From there, we work to make sure your battery will power your critical loads while taking full advantage of any incentives or rebates you may qualify for.


    • Stay connected to TV, streaming services, and Internet
    • Charge your phone and other devices
    • Power appliances that you need


    • Little to no maintenance
    • Automatic stop/start for when you’re away
    • 24/7 Customer Support


    • Automatically detects power outages and responds in seconds
    • Safe power with no surges
    • Battery backup to keep your home protected during the fires

    Next time the power goes out, it might take weeks to turn back on. Contact us today and we'll help you stay safe with the PERK package.

    Your Package Options

    $0 Down
    Full back up system
    Expandable Battery Storage (Locally Sourced)
    12 Solar Panels

    Includes Everything in Package One
    GAF Timberline HDZ

    Installed by

    The Solar and Roofing professionals you can count on.

    We’ve been in the roofing industry for over 20 years with a team that is not only highly trained and certified but friendly! We got in this business to help homeowners. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

    Power your home
    Protect your family

    Power outages are completely inevitable. The time to prepare is before severe weather hits. Phoenix Exteriors is here to help protect your family and give you peace of mind with the PERK package.

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