Cleaning solar panels

Waterless Cleaning System for Solar Panels!

Solar panels can be hard to clean, but luckily with new technology and innovations, there is a new system that can clean them without water or contact! One of the biggest challenges when cleaning solar panels is the contact aspect of cleaning. With a brush or a similar cleaning device, it often ends up scratching and damaging the panels in the process. When it comes to water for cleaning solar panels it can take up to, “…10 billion gallons of water per year – enough to supply drinking water for up to 2 million people…” The new technology can eliminate both of these problems which would mean protecting the panels and the environment through water conservation that could go to the needs of people. The new waterless, contactless cleaning system, “…uses electrostatic repulsion to cause dust particles to detach and virtually leap off the panels surface…To activate the system, a simple electrode passes just above the solar panel’s surface, imparting an electrical change to the dust particles, which are then repelled by a charge applied to the panel itself. The system can be operated automatically using a simple electric motor and guide rails along the side of the panel.” This technology is genius and a perfect application for solar panels that are built in the desert, but it’s being developed to be used in all environments as well. 

If you’re ready to start your solar journey, Phoenix Exteriors is here to help you get started! We have fully customizable solar kits that can fit the needs of your home and budget! Start saving the earth and your wallet with solar. Be on the edge of technology as the future continues to push towards a greener future with innovations such as the contactless, waterless cleaning systems. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

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