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Why We Use Malarkey Roofing Products

So you’re ready to take the dive on Phoenix Exteriors for a solar system, but your rep mentioned roofing as well. It is something that is not commonly thought of when it comes to solar; however, it is more important to solar installation than you may think. Without proper roofing, your solar system may cost more in the long run if you’re required to remove the system to repair the roof and reinstall it. Strong roofing combined with a sturdy solar system can extend the life of your roof longer than the norm. Enter Malarkey Roofing products. Phoenix Exteriors uses Malarkey Roofing products for their durability, sustainability, innovation, and overall performance. Malarkey Roofing shingles are made of rubberized asphalt which creates weather resilience for your roofing with double rain protection from leaks due to wind-blown rain. The shingles also use 50% more adhesive bonds for extra protection against shingle delamination. Overall, these rubberized roofing shingles are 30% stronger and 65% greater granule adhesion than the industry standard for increased strength, durability, and granule retention. Along with strength and durability, Malarkey Roofing shingles are made sustainably! By using upcycled rubber and plastics and smog reducing granules, the shingles reduce landfill waste and make clean air! When Phoenix Exteriors uses Malarkey Roofing shingles, we divert the approximately 40 million tires and 2.7 billion plastic bags from the landfill. Each Malarkey roof helps clean the air of emission pollutants which also equates to planting 887,000 trees!

The innovation of Malarkey Roofing shingles is revolutionary as well. With a two times wider nailing area, it provides improved installation speed and accuracy which they were the first to do in the industry. They were also the first to launch rubberized asphalt shingles and to incorporate upcycled rubber and plastics and smog reducing granules. With all of these wonderful benefits in mind, you can see why Phoenix Exteriors trust and use Malarkey Roofing to bring the BEST solar system for your home!

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