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The Time to Buy Solar is Now!

If you have been thinking about solar for your home for some time now, the time to invest is now. With world problems popping up lately, like COVID, labor shortages, and materials becoming scarce, solar will become harder to pursue. In fact, according to recent studies, “Supply chain constraints were exacerbated by recently dismissed petitions for anti-dumping and countervailing duties on solar cells from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Further, price increases in the solar supply chain will depress deployment over the next year…or 25 percent decrease, in the forecast for 2022.” However, with Phoenix Exteriors, we can help you buy solar now!

We have stock of solar panels and other roofing materials available in our warehouses for all your home services. Our roofing and solar experts are ready to design and install according to your home specifications. We offer affordable financing so you can buy solar now! Contact us here at Phoenix Experts to start your roofing and solar journey today! With our PERK program, you can power through all power disruptions your community and home might face. Let us help you start saving with solar!

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