solar panels in extreme weather

Can Solar Panels Withstand Extreme Weather?

When people think of solar panels, the natural correlation is the sun which leads to the conclusion of sunny days. It’s normal to believe that solar panels only work well during a perfect sunny day so if you live in an environment with weather that is anything but sunny, you may believe the solar panels won’t produce energy. The truth of the matter is that, “as long as the sun is hitting a solar panel, the solar panel will generate electricity – no matter how cold it is.” Solar panels actually harness solar radiation for the production of energy, not the pure heat of the sun. It is actually a common misconception about solar energy when it comes to solar panels. In fact, they work so well in the cold that solar is a, “…critical source of power for a primary hub for US science operations on Antarctica.” Low temperatures are not a factor in energy production, but what about other weather conditions? Are solar panels affected by things like rain or wind? It’s helpful to know that, “…rain itself has no effect on your solar energy system. Solar panels are waterproof…Rain is helpful in that it will wash off some of the dirt and debris that accumulates on the panels over time.” Solar panels are completely durable for all kinds of weather conditions even during hurricanes. It is common knowledge that roofs tend to get ripped off during extreme hurricanes which would obviously be a concern of losing your solar panels as well. However, building codes dictate that installers, “…securely attach solar panels to a building with ample attachment points to resist wind uplift.” If your roof comes off during a hurricane, there isn’t much to be done, but if your home is able to withstand the winds, you’ll have power through the whole event!

Phoenix Exteriors wants to help you keep your family safe no matter what the weather has in store for your community. We offer plenty of fully customizable solar kits with backup battery options as well. We know how upsetting and inconvenient it can be to be without power and we want to make sure you never have to deal with that discomfort again. Contact us today to set up your solar system for the safety and peace of mind for the future. 

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