Solar FAQ

Will Solar Increase the Value of My Home?

Studies linking solar and property value increases

Solar does increase the value of your home. In fact, studies from Zillow have shown that the property values tend to increase on an average of 4.1%. Perspective homeowners are also more likely to buy a home with solar than without solar panels. Solar is becoming more and more attractive to buyers especially as energy bills are on the rise. Especially when buying a house, any cost saving measures can be invaluable in the long run.
Another study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concludes that each kW of solar installed can raise your home value by $5,000. An average residential solar system is 5kW, raising home value by an estimated $25,000.

Solar Tax Incentives

Additionally, solar panels will not affect your property tax in most states! Solar panels are almost like a free upgrade to your property value without having to pay for it in property taxes! Being able to cut back on your energy bill or to cut them out altogether which is important for you or future homeowners of your property. Any advantage you can invest in for a better return on your property in the future is never a bad choice.

Julie got 33% off her entire solar roofing installation!

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Total Cost:
Federal Tax Credit:
- $5,990.40
Phoenix Platinum Bundle Savings
- $1,500.00
Net Cost:
Cost After Incentives:

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