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We know we can’t answer all of your questions without talking to you first, but here are a few of the most common we get from our customers. If you questions not listed here, feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form or using the chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

This is a common question when a person is approached about a solar system for their home. It could seem unnecessary or cumbersome, but there are plenty of reasons why you should consider solar for your home. One of them being how much money this saves you! Solar energy from the sun is free and is a renewable resource so you never run out of power. Whereas, utility companies use finite resources for energy such as coal and natural gas that have to be generated for power. By going solar, you can eliminate energy bills by a significant percentage or be eliminated altogether. Most energy companies are also raising their prices as we run out of finite resources and their mistakes cost us money! Finally, homeowners often see a return on their investment with solar up to 20%!
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Solar does increase the value of your home. In fact, studies from Zillow have shown that the property values tend to increase on an average of 4.1%. Perspective homeowners are also more likely to buy a home with solar than without solar panels. Solar is becoming more and more attractive to buyers especially as energy bills are on the rise. Especially when buying a house, any cost saving measures can be invaluable in the long run. Another study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concludes that each kW of solar installed can raise your home value by $5,000. An average residential solar system is 5kW, raising home value by an estimated $25,000.
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Yes, solar can save you money! When you switch to solar, you are cutting back and in some cases cutting out your energy bill altogether! On average, American households spend about $1,500 in electricity bills a year. This number is also likely to increase as utility companies continue to raise their prices as finite resources run out. Solar, however, is an infinite resource that we can harness for a cleaner world and solar will only help you save money!
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When you have your own solar system, you generate energy from the sun and if you generate too much, you can sell that excess solar energy back to the utility company’s energy grid. Essentially, with net metering, you’ll be making money off of the energy companies that used to charge you for energy consumption. You’ll have to check your area for specifics. Some companies provide actual monetary incentives and others repay homeowners in the form of credits towards their next energy bill if an amount is due.
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Solar cost is the first thing a prospective solar owner asks and it is totally valid! You want to know what this investment will cost you and while there is no blanket cost for a solar system due to different factors, the range for price can be from $5,000 to $40,000. You can find the cost of your solar online in minutes using our solar calculator. We recommend using this calculator first as it’s an easy way to see if you want solar or not depending on the estimate you get.
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