Euroshield Roofing

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Technology

Euroshield Roofing Installation

Phoenix Exteriors, your trusted partner in high-quality roofing for over 20 years, is proud to offer Euroshield roofing installation to our valued customers. As an environmentally-conscious company, we recognize the need for sustainable solutions in the roofing industry, and that’s why we have partnered with Euroshield to provide you with a modern, durable, and eco-friendly roofing option. Certified in a range of services including solar panels, James Hardie siding, Tesla Roof, and now Euroshield installations, Phoenix Exteriors is committed to providing a holistic range of services for your home or business.

Euroshield Product Details and Key Features

Our Euroshield products are made with 95% recycled content, utilizing the unbeatable durability of rubber from recycled tires. They offer superior protection against harsh weather conditions including hail, high winds, heavy rains, and UV radiation, outperforming other roofing materials on the market.

Backed by an unmatched warranty and boasting Class 4 UL2218 impact resistance, a Euroshield roof is not just a product – it’s an investment in quality and peace of mind.

Sustainability and Conservation

As a company that values sustainability and conservation, Phoenix Exteriors is proud to offer Euroshield Roofing installation, manufactured from 95% recycled materials. For every average-sized home roofed with Euroshield, between 250 to 1,000 rubber tires are diverted from landfills. Even the scrap generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again, significantly reducing environmentally harmful waste.

Unparalleled Durability

In the world of roofing, durability is a non-negotiable. At Phoenix Exteriors, we’re proud to provide a product that raises the bar for strength and longevity – Euroshield. Made from recycled tires, a material known for its resilience and ability to withstand extreme conditions, Euroshield roofing products are designed to last. 

This resilience is reinforced by Euroshield’s unique locking system, which provides superior wind performance compared to other roofing materials. Furthermore, the incorporation of carbon black materials in Euroshield products helps absorb damaging ultraviolet rays, preventing degradation over time.

Increase Your Home Value

Choosing Euroshield products for your roofing needs is not only an investment in durability, but it also significantly adds value to your home. The aesthetic appeal of Euroshield is second to none. With the look of natural slate or wood shake roofing, Euroshield Roofing installation enhances the visual appeal of your home, thereby increasing its curb appeal and overall market value.

Beyond the immediate visual appeal, the exceptional longevity and durability of Euroshield roofs can also be a significant selling point for potential buyers. Knowing that the home is protected by a high-quality, weather-resistant roof that will last for decades can greatly increase its attractiveness in the market.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from our satisfied customers! Our clients who opted for Euroshield roofing have appreciated not only the product’s quality but also our installation service. They commend our professionalism, punctuality, and dedication to delivering excellent results. Check out these testimonials to see why we are the preferred choice for Euroshield roof installations.

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