Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Winter Is Coming


Winter can be tough on a lot of roofs out there, as some regions have wetter, colder winters than others. You might get a few inches of snow each year or freezing temperatures cold enough to form icicles. Paying a few dollars to keep your roof strong in extreme weather conditions will ensure you’ve fortified all the necessities before it becomes a much costlier problem.


Rough winters could mean a few things for your roof:


  • Roof Leaks: Any leaks that have been formed over the summer will reveal themselves once the rain hits. And by then the damage will have become more costly.
  • Wind: Keep a close eye on the weather to prevent shingle blowoff. If your area has higher than average wind storms, you’ll want to fortify your roof before it blows clean off and forces you to replace the entire thing.
  • Ice dams: Varying, nonuniform surface temperatures lead to ice dams, as the heat primarily comes from the house. You can rake the snow off the roof, but if leakage is occurring, it’s time to contact a licensed roofer to assess the damage.
  • Gutter clogs: The more trees there are around your house, the more they will drop leaves on the roof, increasing the odds of gutter clogs. And your gutters may need more work than just cleaning. Your roofer will be on the lookout for leaky, sagging or misaligned gutters.
  • Animal infestation: Some animals try to find shelter in your roof, resulting in an infestation problem. A roofer can diagnose these signs of damage while inspecting your roof, along with algae growth, tree damage, and other causes of erosion.



How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter


In order to prevent major damages or a whole new roof replacement, get these tasks done as soon as possible:


  • Roof inspection: Hire a roofer who will look for potential leaks and other problems to fix before the freezing temperatures make them worse.
  • Insulation inspection: Have a qualified and licensed roofer check on your insulation. Proper insulation prevents ice dams, traps heat, and helps you stay energy-efficient in the cold weather.
  • Gutter cleaning: Clogged gutters can contribute to ice dams, leaks, and trap water that may damage the gutter system; getting them professionally cleaned would be wise.

Our roofing professionals have more tips and tricks to help your roof stay weather-proof without incident. We also carry GAF Roofing WindProven™ Limited Warranty Shingles—the industry’s first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation. If you’re having issues with your roof, or are just curious to know what condition it’s in, make an appointment with Phoenix today! We offer great service, flexible monthly payments, licensed roofing professionals, and the best selling shingles and warranties on the market. Schedule your free inspection with Phoenix Exteriors now!





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