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Renewable Energy for the Berkeley Area!

Legislation for renewable energy has been slow moving even in recent years and choosing how your home is powered is even more frustrating. Our planet is in desperate need for legislation because without our governmental leaders, we won’t be able to make meaningful reversals of climate change for the long term. Especially, when trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, how you consume and use energy plays a big factor. Luckily, according to Berkeley News, local residents can choose to have their home run on 100% renewable energy! This program began in March and the East Bay Community Energy announced that in 2022 they would be phasing out their Brilliant Choice Program which used solar, wind, biomass & biowaste, geothermal, and eligible hydroelectric sources. The new program that has been implemented in the Berkeley area is called Renewable 100 which will solely use solar and wind energy to power the community. Customers will only pay $5 extra on their bill. This is a price worth paying for a greener area. Other regions in the Bay Area will also slowly phase out previous energy programs for the Renewable 100. 

However, if you would like to avoid this surcharge, but still have access to renewable energy for your home, Phoenix Exteriors is your answer! We have fully customizable solar packages for your needs. We also offer exclusive deals with each solar package. Schedule your free consultation today to receive a free estimate. 

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