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Texas Roofing Companies Backlogged Due to Supply Chain Issues

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain issues have been affecting every industry for what feels like a long time now. Without a solution or end in sight, these issues are even affecting the housing markets due to lack of supplies. Scarce supplies means inflated building costs and “most homeowners won’t see a big difference in repair costs if they have insurance…” However, scarcity can cause panic which only increases demand in markets that can barely keep up with the day to day sales. It seems that this phenomenon is particularly true in Texas right now. With some Texas roofing companies already backlogged through the summer of 2022, it can feel impossible to get any kind of roof repair, replacement, or solar installations set up for Texas homeowners. Especially since it appears that these inflated prices will not be decreasing any time soon. This prediction comes from Phil Goodwin, Regional Sales Manager of Good Choice Roofing, who also mentioned that, “…it’s just going to continue to rise. So, specifically home owners that are looking to get a good deal, you probably want to do this sooner than later.” As with most things, it seems as though “sooner rather than later” is the best policy for your home needs. 

Phoenix Exteriors is ready to pick up the slack where other Texas roofing companies are swamped. We want to meet all of your roofing and solar needs. Your roof is more important than ever during the wayward weather that Texas is having in recent years. We have the stock and crew available and ready for all your home project needs. We promise friendly and efficient service so don’t let the supply chain issues slow down your home improvement. Contact us today to receive a free estimate for solar, roofing, or both!

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