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PG&E’s Corruption

If you live in California, then you are probably a PG&E customer for your power, gas, or both. The utility company has a monopoly over their coverage area, and this can be frustrating for customers when the only way they can power their lives is through one option for energy. Not only are their means of energy production a climate pollutant, but they continue to cause harm and even death in California due to negligence for their equipment and infrastructure across the state. A rotted hook on a power line tower is what caused the Camp Fire which killed 84 people and burned more than 153,000 acres. PG&E claims they were unaware of any equipment risks; however, evidence exists, but not shared by CPUC, that shows PG&E’s maintenance is reckless and negligent. It hardly seems fair that a corporation is allowed to operate so carelessly and barely face any repercussions for some crimes and deaths. Any other person would face up to 90 years in prison for damage, murders, and an event of this size, yet PG&E only had to pay $3.5 million in fines. This is no small fee for an individual person, but PG&E makes $17 billion a year off of utility bills. It breaks down to about $2 million an hour in revenue. Essentially in under two hours, PG&E had already made that money back. 

It hardly seems fair to have to continually pay the utility company that does not care about our safety or our surrounding areas. PG&E is only working for profit and not the customers that provide them that profit. Phoenix Exteriors‘ core values are to build a better sustainable future for the next generation while providing a dependable form of energy and breaking free of insatiable corporations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you start your solar and weather through any power disruptions from the environment or blackouts and break free from being a PG&E customer!

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