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Solar vs Fossil Fuels: Which is Really the Better Option?

Solar and fossil fuels are so highly debated when it comes to what will be the best power resource in the long term. There are so many different variables to consider; however, if you are concerned about the environment, solar is the best option to run our lives on. Solar energy is a renewable, sustainable resource that will never run out. The sun is always available and even in less sunnier areas of the world, solar energy is still available to be collected and used. Whereas, fossil fuels are cost-efficient and convenient to use now, but this will not be the reality forever since they are not renewable, not sustainable, and are finite resources. A big argument against solar energy is the cost of installation. 

Solar energy is a money saver in the long term even with the upfront costs. Financing and loans are available to cover these costs in order to invest in future savings on energy bills. In fact, the electricity cost of fossil fuels ranges between .05 – .17 cents per kWh. Compared to solar which costs between .03 – .06 cents per kWh and is only trending downwards as time goes on. Additionally, the cost of solar panels have decreased more than 20% over the past five years and are projected to decline further into the future. In reality, “You also offset electricity costs for the life span of the panels, which can be as long as 35 years.” So despite the upfront solar costs and the convenience of fossil fuels, solar panels are the most cost effective option.

Overall, solar is low maintenance for your home, you gain energy independence from utility companies, provides diverse applications, increases your home’s value, and you can also save money through the 26% solar tax incentive. Fossil fuels tend to have a high energy density but this is easily combatable with storage solar batteries which provide and even longer term solutions for home energy options. Fossil fuels are the leading cause of pollution and climate change and predominantly not sustainable for our planet or our lives. Phoenix Exteriors can help you start your solar journey! Schedule your consultation today. 

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