PG&E rate increase

PG&E Continues to Raise Rates

It’s no secret that due to PG&E’s corruption, it is causing their customers to pay more on their utility bills to make up the deficit on the lawsuits payouts from numerous PG&E-caused fires. Customers are suffering financially for PG&E’s gain all and they feel stuck as the rate hikes make a situation made rough by the pandemic even worse for residential and commercial customers. Both customers were met with the PG&E rate increases which detailed that, “on March 1, the average electric bill for residential customers increased 9%, or roughly $14. Businesses were hit with a 10% increase.” This seems like a small number, but increases like these are financially crippling businesses and residential customers as well, especially as most people are already at a loss economically and emotionally from the pandemic. PG&E claims that the rate increases in California are from the drought so the access to hydroelectric power is limited and natural gas currently makes up about 90% of the current PG&E prices. Unfortunately, it looks like PG&E isn’t done seeking rate hikes as, “the company is seeking approval for a 30% increase in 2023 to help fund its effort to bury 3,600 miles of distribution lines.” It may seem like PG&E customers are stuck with no other options to power their home; however, there is another alternative for those looking to break free of PG&E’s oppressive rate increases. 

Phoenix Exteriors wants to provide PG&E customers the opportunity to start their solar journey! We offer very affordable financing plans for customizable solar systems for your home and its needs! If you don’t know where to start, you have no reason to worry. We offer starter kits that have plenty of benefits between each one that you can also customize. We are all about giving you what you need so contact us today for a free estimate!

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